[Twisted-web] liveevil problem: nested functions get lost

Federico Di Gregorio fog at initd.org
Mon Feb 28 09:34:00 MST 2005

Il giorno lun, 28-02-2005 alle 08:26 -0800, Donovan Preston ha scritto:
> Using the function name as the identifier was an experiment which I 
> think was a bad idea. I'll roll that code back out.
> Before I started using the function name, I used an arbitrary 
> identifier which was opaque and made debugging difficult. With the 
> addition of the programmer-supplied identifier, debugging can be made 
> easier by providing it, and an opaque identifier can be used if none is 
> provided.

I completely agree. Sorry for the noise but I stopped following the HEAD
for some weeks so I somehow lost the "story" of the changes.

Another little problem: isn't liveevil.js missing an eval() call on the
handler extra arguments? 

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