[Twisted-web] Re: when formless is useless (II)

Matthew Scott gmane at goldenspud.com
Thu Feb 24 20:32:16 MST 2005

Federico Di Gregorio wrote:
> Please, forget about my previous mail. I found a way to do what I was
> looking for. I just need to use *both* a template and a slot for every
> "argument!!foo". Sorry for having increased the noise-to-signal ratio.
> (Maybe documenting this somewhere would be nice..)

We're running into the same issue you did, I think;  however my Nevow 
knowledge isn't quite to the point I would like it to be as of yet, so 
I'm not quite sure how to translate this message into a concrete 
solution in the form of Python code.

If you have the opportunity, could post a small "canonical" example of 
what you did to solve this problem (one form containing multiple sets of 
fields within fieldset tags)?  It would serve nicely as the 
documentation that you made mention of ;-)


Matthew R. Scott

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