[Twisted-web] Newov Login Forward

noema mailinglists at shechen.at
Tue Feb 22 13:18:30 MST 2005

> Until the user logs in, guard requests an avatar for the 
> checkers.ANONYMOUS user - so your realm usually returns a login page for 
> this user.  When a user successfully authenticates themselves with 
> guard, guard will ask your realm for an object that matches the user's 
> userid.
> So for 1/ - arrange for your sites realm to return the new root page 
> once you have an authenticated userid

Thanks Andy for the speedy answer,

I see what you mean. Your reply got me thinking in the right 
direction...but first let me elaborate on what exactly I intent to do.

I kind of want to preseerve the tree structure so one can see the 
current location in the url field -- e.g a user's home directory should 
always be /user/username. Processing a different RootPage(rend.Page) 
depending on which user has logged is almost like remounting root to the 
user's home dir on linux. In my case I would just want to move deeper 
into the dir tree to a certain home dir.

The idea I cam up with is: If I just rewrite the request object (meaning 
the url path segments) in requestAvatar() I should get exactly the 
result I am looking for. The question now is how do I get my hands on 
the request object in requestAvatar().


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