[Twisted-web] generating Canvas.swf without needing Flash

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Sat Feb 12 17:52:12 MST 2005

Hi Folks,


I just subscribed to this list because twisted seems like such a
fascinating thing and was surprised by this post. Is the twisted web
community interested in swf? I confess to have thought that there would be
prejudice against it's use in the twisted community. Was this a prejudice
of my own? Ironic. Has swf truely become that accepted? I hadn't imagined
it would be.

Followup questionmarks, and more to the point.

What is canvas.swf for? What would your desires be along these lines?



> On Feb 11, 2005, at 5:57 PM, Stefano Debenedetti wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have done some experiments [1] in generating the Canvas.swf file
>> using the excellent and free-of-charge KineticFusion SWF compiler [2]
>> instead of the expensive Flash IDE.
> This sounds absolutely wonderful. Thank you for trying this; I never
> would have had time to do so.
>> At first I simply used an empty RVML file (KF's XML format for
>> representing SWFs) and tried to include the original canvas.as from
>> SVN trunk but I got some (I guess trivial) compilation errors due to
>> KineticFusion being slightly pickier than Flash on ECMAScript syntax.
> If the errors are trivial, I am +100 on someone pointing me at an
> environment where I can try this and see the errors, and a guide on how
> to fix said errors. I would prefer to create ecmascript-compliant code
> as much as possible (both in canvas and livepage, if possible -- don't
> know how much the ecmascript standard actually relates to javascript in
> the wild?)
>> So I decompiled the original Canvas.swf, cut and pasted all the
>> ECMAScript code to a new canvas.as and included that one and not only
>> it works like a charm but the resulting SWF is slightly smaller too.
> Excellent.
>> Maybe this will enable future Nevow releases to ship without the
>> Canvas.fla file, which is then redundant and introduces a dependency
>> on Flash for people willing to grok it.
> Yes. I will attempt to get an environment where Canvas.swf can be
> generated without Flash asap; it irritates me that I have to have Flash
> running, which is ugly and a pig, just to press Command-0 every time I
> change the .as file.
> Donovan
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