[Twisted-web] mailman with twisted

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Thu Feb 10 13:35:42 MST 2005

Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> internet.UNIXServer('/var/lib/mailman/.twistd-web-pb',
> 		    pb.PBServerFactory(distrib.ResourcePublisher(site))).setServiceParent(s)

> However the above isn't good, the socket is created word writeable, and
> it's owned by root, the setuid is executed later on (which is a good
> thing normally to bind ports <1024, but not in this case).

Pass in a different mode.

def listenUNIX(self, address, factory, backlog=5, mode=0666, wantPID=0):

UNIXServer should accept the same args.

 > And if the file is
> already present I get the below problem. Why can't simply bind the device
> without recreating it? I don't recall any bind(2) limitation in the kernel that
> forces to recreate the device.

If a file by given name exists, bind(2) returns -1, EADDRINUSE.
Twisted is just passing that straight-through to you.

 > At least there should be an option to auto-delete it.

Maybe, but that option would need to default to False.
I consider to be too risky to automate in a library. If another process
is listening on that socket, removing it just hides that fact.

Of course, if you really want it, you could just run

except OSError, e:
     if e.errno == errno.ENOENT:

before binding.

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