[Twisted-web] Twisted Web with SSL?

Jeff Bauer jbauer at rubic.com
Fri Feb 4 10:56:21 MST 2005

I've looked for information about implmenting a Twisted
web server with SSL, but came up short.  A quick scan
of mail on this list for the past year doesn't have
any discussion about SSL, or I may have just overlooked

David Mertz's Linux Zone article, which is otherwise
complimentary, doesn't appear too encouraging:


"Twisted does come with an SSL framework; however, as
with most things in Twisted, exactly how it might work
is poorly documented -- I tried downloading two likely
support packages to try to get the Twisted v.1.0.6 script
test_ssl.py to work (see Resources). I am sure that with
some version of the right 3rd party libraries (and some
Twisted version) -- and perhaps after corrections to
erroneous examples -- it is possible to use SSL with
Twisted, but I have not done so for this article."


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