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Wilfredo Sánchez Vega wsanchez at wsanchez.net
Tue Dec 20 10:38:21 MST 2005

   I think I'm ready to do a merge of the DAV branch.

   exarkun, I think I've addressed all on the list you sent me.

   Anyone else want to review the code first?  Other objections?

   I'll give you some targets to criticize:

   - The DAV property store code depends on Bob Ippolito's xattr  
library, which works on Mac OS, some Linuxes, and possible FreeBSD.   
Non-Mac uses require a filesystem that supports it.

   Alternate property stores are not going to be had to plug in, and  
we have several ways to proceed there, but I think these are  
generally out of scope for work on this branch, which I'm trying to  
keep from growing into a large and scary thing.

   - I use datetime in XML processing, which is apparently a Python  
2.3+ feature.  It would be unfortunate to have to avoid datetime,  
though, since it would mean adding the relevant code to twisted  

   The datetime issue we can either wave off by saying you need 2.3  
to use dav, or we go ahead and copy in a bunch of code.  I'd prefer  
to do that after merging if we think it's necessary to do so.  I vote  
for requiring 2.3, but maybe that's my inner laziness talking.

   - Some python files have capital letters.  exarkun says that may  
bug some people, specifically Windows types.  Is it actually a problem?

   I can fix the capital letters if it's an issue.


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