[Twisted-web] adding etag and modified arguments to twisted feedparser

Selwyn McCracken selwyn.mccracken at stonebow.otago.ac.nz
Wed Sep 29 03:45:58 MDT 2004

Hi Valentino,

sorry for bugging you again.

I have had a look through httpcache.py, but as a total newcomer to 
twisted I am slightly overwhelmed by the concepts of factories and 
protocols at this stage.

I tried modifying getPage() from your recipe to include httpcache, so 
that I could see what was happening, like so:

def getPage(self, data, args):
         return httpcache.getPageCached(args,timeout=TIMEOUT)

however this triggers the following error:
"global name '_parse' is not defined", and I'm not sure how to proceed.

In any case, what I would ideally like is something like:

def getPage(self, data, args):
         return httpcache.getPageCached(args,timeout=TIMEOUT, 

This would simply return the page in full or the 304 error, and then I 
can handle the caching and timestamping outside in workOnPage().

Any help once again would be greatfully received.


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