[Twisted-web] url.URL.fromRequest gives unexpected behaviour

Matt Goodall matt at pollenation.net
Wed Sep 8 05:35:48 MDT 2004


URL.fromRequest() currently creates a URL for the path segments that
have been resolved so far. That means that creating a URL in locateChild
and a rend_* method gives you a different URL. That's unexpected.

I think we need more explicit ways of creating a URL to allow for
different usecases:

    create a URL from the string. this is already implemented

    create a URL that matches the request exactly

    create a URL for handled path segments. kind of like the
    url.here overlay but not so lazy.

A better name for fromContext might be fromLocation, fromSegment, etc.

We can deprecate URL.fromRequest but, until it's removed, make it call

Cheers, Matt

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