[Twisted-web] Getting started using the twisted web server

Dan Eloff dan.eloff at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 17:23:39 MDT 2004

Well I followed the links and read the articles, which did help a little.

David, how far along is the new twisted web server? What works? What
needs to be done?

I'm torn between using the old web server and writing my code for
something that's going out the window and between putting the time
into the new web server in order to be able to get something that
works sufficiently.

There's also a lot of options, like using .rpy scripts. I'm guessing,
however, that .rpy scripts will put a much larger strain on the
hardware than simply integrating my application with the web server.
Calling external .rpy scripts is much more expensive than calling a
python function that's already in memory.

Twisted is a great library, but it's weakness is that it offers so
many ways to do the same thing without a large amount of documentation
that it makes things all so very 'twisted' :)

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