[Twisted-web] nevow.compy

Valentino Volonghi dialtone at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 10:27:43 MDT 2004

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004 12:20:53 -0400, James Y Knight <foom at fuhm.net> wrote:

> If you're using Nevow with Twisted SVN, compy is already stubbed out,
> so that shouldn't be the case. But, yes, if you're using it with
> Twisted 1.3, you need to use compy or else random things won't work
> right. BTW, if you do use nevow with Twisted SVN I recommend doing:
>    import warnings
>    import twisted.python.components
>    warnings.filterwarnings('ignore', '',
> twisted.python.components.ComponentsDeprecationWarning)
> or you'll be flooded with warnings. ;)

Let me explain better :).
Uhmmm I'm using Nevow with Twisted SVN but in weever I had to use
compy.Interface in order to correctly use IFoo(ctx) api to get back
the object from the context.

If this is not known I guess it should be corrected, but this is the
behaviour I get.

Thx for the tip on warnings :)

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