[Twisted-web] Refresh browser's content?

rednelb rednelb at chello.sk
Sat Nov 27 21:16:12 MST 2004

Please can you tell me, if it is possible with Nevow (does it require 
LivePage as well?) to force all browsers which are viewing a web page to 
reload their contents if the server changes this page? I.e., to force a 
browser to immediately refresh the page whenever it is changed on 
server. Non-regularly.
E.g. live statistics - a server collects data and visualize them by an 
image. Everytime it gets something new, it re-creates the image. And I 
would like that every user currently being on this page will see the 
change immediately.
I'll be glad for any help, hint, tip, strategy, ...
Thank you very much.

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