[Twisted-web] Credential questions - hide user name and password on login + get ip address in realm

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Tue Nov 16 02:15:15 MST 2004

Alexander May wrote:

>1) After I log in, the username and password are shown in the address bar.
>Is there anyway to force the guard code to use post instead of get so that
>such things are not displayed so publicly.  I tried changing the main log-in
>form  to use post, but it seems there is a redirect that occurs that
>prevents such a change from having the desired result.
That's a bug in _your_ code. Just use POST. Guard doesn't implement the 
 From guarded.tac:

            tags.form(action=guard.LOGIN_AVATAR, method='post')[

>2) I would like to check the up address that the user is logging in from to
>perform some additional verification.  Is there a way to get access to this
>information in Realm.requestAvatar or in CredentialsChecker.requestAvatarId,
>or somewhere else where it may be incorporated into the log-in process?
Well, you can do it before or after the guard, atleast.

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