[Twisted-web] Re: Nevow-0.4 suggestions

Tommi Virtanen tv at twistedmatrix.com
Fri Nov 12 00:16:54 MST 2004

Sridhar R wrote:

>2. Allow for multple logins (guard) from same host (This would help in
>testing Nevow applications which involves multiple accounts in the
>same machine).  Well, actually I am quite biased, the only URL of my
>app is http://localhost:8080 (though I have different rend.Page
>classes derived from common one).  May be one could have
>http://localhost:8080/user1 and http://localhost:8080/user1 and so on
>for different users.  Even then (I have not tested it), I am not sure
>whether guard allows such authorization (cookie mess?)
Run two different instances of the browser.
Profiles with mozilla will help.

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