[Twisted-web] Warning: Before you update Nevow. Major merge completed!

Donovan Preston dp at ulaluma.com
Thu May 6 21:03:28 MDT 2004

Before you update Nevow to the latest version of trunk, make sure you 
have a few minutes to work around any potential roughness. The 
development which was happening on the freeform-patterened branch was 
merged tonight. All in all, it seems to be fairly backwards compatible.

*You should clean out your old pyc files*. Otherwise, nevow will have 
problems starting up because it will import the old nevow/formless.pyc 
module instead of the new top-level formless package.

If you were doing anything fancy with formless, such as subclassing 
Configurable or implementing your own Typed subclass, you will need to 
make some minor tweaks. The Configurable baseclass is now in the 
formless.configurable module, and the Typed.coerce signature is now 
coerce(self, data, configurable) instead of coerce(self, data).

This merge almost completely rewrites the formless code from the ground 
up. The code is much more straightforward and better tested. 
formless.webform.renderForms() can now be provided with pattern nodes 
to influence the rendering of the forms. The structure and layout of 
the forms can be completely controlled.

This merge also significantly simplifies how Nevow goes about the 
rendering process, reducing the previous flatten, strflatten _flatten, 
render, and other incomprehensible driver functions with a simpler set 
of driver functions, contained in the nevow.flat package. You probably 
won't care about this unless you would like to try to read the nevow 
code and understand how it works.

If you encounter any other problems with this update, please let us 
know on the mailing list or on the #twisted.web channel. Thanks!


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