[Twisted-web] Nevow 0.2.0 tarball and tag mismatch?

Tommi Virtanen tv at tv.debian.net
Tue Jun 29 01:10:16 MDT 2004

Hello. Is there a sane explanation, or even a reason,
for the differences between the SVN tag for the 0.2.0
release and the actual contents of the tarball?

[0 tv at tao ~/src/nevow]$ diff -x .svn -ru tags/releases/0.2.0/ 
Only in tags/releases/0.2.0/: MANIFEST.in
Only in tar/nevow-0.2.0/: PKG-INFO
Only in tags/releases/0.2.0/examples/pastebin: TODO
Only in tags/releases/0.2.0/examples/pastebin: data
Only in tags/releases/0.2.0/examples/pastebin/static: robots.txt
Only in tags/releases/0.2.0/formless: test
Only in tags/releases/0.2.0/: sandbox
[1 tv at tao ~/src/nevow]$

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