[Twisted-web] Newbie help on session data

Craig H. Anderson craig at coot.net
Thu Jun 10 18:07:26 MDT 2004

I am working on an internal database app
served by twisted.web.  I need help on
how to attach data to sessions.  Point
me to any examples to look at.  Here is
fragments from my first nonworking attempt. 


from twisted.python import components
from twisted.web.resource import Resource 

class IGcsSession(components.Interface):
	def getData(self):
		"""Return the session data
class GcsSession:
	__implements__ = (IGcsSession, )
	def __init__(self):
		self.counter = 0
		self.dict = {}
	def getData(self):
		return self 

class CalForm(Resource):
	template render(self,request):
		sess = request.getSession()
		sessData = sess.getComponent(IGcsSession,default=GcsSession())
		sessData.counter += 1 

resource = CalForm() 

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