[Twisted-web] Re: ignoreExt value archived inside a web.tap?

Sergio Trejo serj_trejo at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 17 00:32:32 MDT 2004


Much thanks for your suggestion and pointing a newbie in the right 
direction. Your suggestion with the snips worked just fine.

The number of options available via the Twisted framework is really amazing. 
I prefer the word "amazing" instead of "daunting" because immersing oneself 
into Twisted is  like being a kid who parachuted into the Willy Wonka 
chocolate factory for the first time in his/her life. Twisted truly is 
network programming "for the rest of us" (or as Steve Jobs would say, 
network programming for "mere mortals"!).

The passion and dedication that the Twisted developers bring to the table is 
awe inspiring. The Internet is still such a newbie itself relative to the 
history of humankind, and I have a strong feeling that frameworks like 
Twisted are going to play an important role in the growth of Internet 
services (with Twisted we can now think of the 'net itself as a global OS 
with objects that intercommunicate with each other from all corners of the 

I used to dabble in Java but then it seems to get too bloated (how many 
Addison Wesley books on Java can fit on one's bookshelf anyway?). Has there 
been much discussion about Twisted compared to any of the Java packages? Is 
it even fair to try and compare (e.g., would it be like comparing apples 
with oranges)?

I have another question -- with regard to twisted.web and the related pieces 
of the framework such as twisted.enterprise and nevow, is it fair to compare 
this Twisted/Nevow framework with Apple's WebObjects (WebObjects of course 
getting its birth at NeXT in the 1990s)? WebObjects apparently runs on OS X, 
Solaris and Win32 (and possibly Linux), and is based on Java. But I do 
wonder if perhaps Twisted has leap frogged over WebObjects (which was state 
of the art at one time and to be fair is still a fairly darned good system 
as Apple built their entire iTunes Music Store using WebObjects).

Again, hats off to Twisted -- I feel that this is only just the beginning. 
I've been talking to my IT friends about Twisted non-stop the past several 


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>Subject: [Twisted-web] Re: ignoreExt value archived inside a web.tap?
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>You can use "twistd -y filename.py" to load a Python script and
>daemonize the application it describes. Run "twistd --help" for more
>options; you might take a look at the "--no_save" and the
>"--nodaemon" options, for future reference.
>It bears mentioning that in your example, the application object isn't
>really doing _anything_, because you're bypassing it when you start the
>reactor directly. This application object is what "twistd -y" uses to
>Below is what you'd need to change in your script to make this work.
>root = static.File(pathToSiteRoot)
>application = service.Application("web")
>sc = service.IServiceCollection(application)
>site = server.Site(root)
># --- snip ---
>webserver = internet.TCPServer(port, site)
>Let us know if this is what you're looking for.
>Alex Levy
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