[Twisted-web] Twisted PostgreSQL Library

J Turner jamwt-twistedlist at jamwt.com
Sat Dec 18 08:26:35 MST 2004

Hello list,

I've been working on and off over the last few weeks on a twisted-based
pgsql library--driven by my desire to keep threads completely out of my

It's come together at this point into something worth releasing.. you
can find it here:


It's DB API 2.0 compliant, and it has a adbapi wrapper as well for
existing implementations.  I could rattle off all the details here, but
I've already done that like three times in the last few hours
(freshmeat, home page, README, blah blah blah).

So far, in my informal benchmarks performance and scalability look to
be very promising vs. adbapi/threads.

Anyway, feel free to check it out, and I'd love to get feedback,
suggestions (and certainly bug reports).


 - Jamie Turner

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