[Twisted-web] nested nevow:data?

Jeff Bowden jlb at houseofdistraction.com
Mon Aug 2 11:36:40 MDT 2004

Should it be possible to nest nevow:data declarations in a template?  E.g.

    <html nevow:data="order" nevow:render="order">
    <head><title>Order <nevow:slot name="order_number"/></title></head>
      <h1>Order <nevow:slot name="order_number"/></h1>
      <ul nevow:data="order_items" nevow:render="sequence">
        <li nevow:pattern="item" nevow:render="mapping">
           ... slots and stuff

When I do this I get a big long stack trace rooted in 
nevow/accessors.py.  It works fine if I remove the outer 
nevow:data="order" (and dummy up a static fillSlots call for 
"order_number" in render_order).  It also works if I remove the inner 

I can work around the problem by putting the nevow:data="order" 
declaration  in multiple places but it would be handy if I didn't have 
to.  Is this a bug or is it by design?

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