[Twisted-web] Web rewrite plan

James Y Knight foom at fuhm.net
Sat Apr 24 01:34:50 MDT 2004

Okay, so I branched Twisted to start the web rewrite in twisted.web 
now, since it has been declared that the tmlabs name change isn't going 
to happen. This leaves the web rewrite without a reasonable home, but 
for now, we're going to ignore that. So, web rewrite is just going to 
happen in a branched copy of twisted.web. This may not be its final 
home, because it is not a goal to be completely API compatible, but for 
now, that is where it's going to be hacked upon. Once the whole naming 
thing is *actually* decided, we can move it somewhere else.


Somewhat repeating my earlier email: here's what's going to happen on 
this branch:
- Rewrite of http.py
- Removal of old cruft
- Integration of Nevow generic web stuff: appserver, guard.
- Fixup of rest of files to work right with nevow-originated API 

I will continue working on http.py separately in my sandbox until it 
mostly works, and will integrate with this branch then.
dreid has said he'll start working on integration of nevow generic web 
stuff and removal of ancient cruft once he bludgeons radix into giving 
him commit access.

Open question: does Nevow go into twisted/web/? If so, how do we handle 
standalone (not depending on twisted at all) nevow? Perhaps standalone 
nevow is just a branch of twisted/web/nevow/ with appropriate 
modifications? If nevow isn't a package in twisted/web, dirlist and 
failure can't go into twisted.web because they depend on Nevow.


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