[Twisted-web] Twisted & PythonWin IDE

Harald.Nyman at astrazeneca.com Harald.Nyman at astrazeneca.com
Wed Apr 21 01:52:05 MDT 2004

Hi Adam,

At least the vsn of pythonwin I have shows a little snake at the bottom
right of the taskbar when it's running - right-clicking it offers "Break
into running code", and then it stops. A relief, when you're used to
the tiring Task Mgr exercise - had to do that all the time with IDLE.

Cheers from a fellow newb,

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Hi all,

A quick (and probably stupid) question from a newb.

I'd like to find a better way to quickly debug twisted scripts under 
pythonwin.  I've no problem running stand-alone scripts from the command 
line, but under pythonwin they lock up, and after testing I'm forced to 
terminate it from the task manager, reopen pythonwin, etc...  If someone 
could point me in the right direction I'd be greatly appreciative.


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