[Twisted-web] Re: Using Twisted.web - should I wait?

Ed Suominen general at eepatents.com
Tue Apr 20 10:39:58 MDT 2004

I have just started development of two web sites using twisted.web, after
looking into all of the python-based alternatives. It's been very
disappointing to see all of this talk about a split, and even more
disappointing to see all of the goofiness about naming. I haven't
encountered any other projects where things were as obtuse and hard to
understand, and it's almost tempting to think that the twisted developers
get a kick out of creating some sort of a secret code that only they can

Please accept this as constructive criticism, which it is fully intended to
be. Perhaps the viewpoint of a twisted newbie/outsider who is in a
profession where words are important might be valuable. I don't find the
seemingly random naming conventions "cute" or amusing at all. They are
confusing and convey no intrinsic information whatsoever. I don't want to
have to study source code to find out what the heck a "banana encoded jelly
stream" is supposed to do. (That is contrary to the XP principle of
descriptive naming, by the way.) And I certainly don't want to have to
review each one of a list of packages to find out what they really do,
information that some goofy name like "lowdown" or "charlotte" simply does
not convey.

Best regards, Ed

Ed Suominen
Registered Patent Agent 
Open Source Developer (Yes, both...)
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Richard Livsey wrote:

> As mentioned in a previous thread, I'm looking at using twisted.web in a
> project.
> However, all the talk at the moment of a twsited.web rewrite and the
> splitting up of twisted into seperate projects makes me think I should
> hold off for a bit.
> Basically the question is, should I bother starting the project now if
> in a few days/weeks/months time the whole framework is going to change
> and I end up having to refactor half of the project to fit in?
> I'm using twisted a fair bit in another project I'm working on
> (multi-group chat system, like live-person) but am hesitant on starting
> a new one based around .web/nevow etc..
> Any advice?
> Thanks.

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