[Twisted-web] Naming the split.

Thomas Mangin thomas.mangin at exa-networks.co.uk
Tue Apr 20 02:06:24 MDT 2004

David Reid wrote:

>These are some of the names that were thrown around the other day during
>a discussion #twisted.web about naming the split.  Some are dependent on
>it being installed under the twisted namespace... since radix has said
>that is a no go, I'm going to omit the "twisted." and see how they stand
>on their own.
I am a boring fart and I always though that names should be as explicit 
as possible.

Am I right to think that all the code will be related to applications 
using twisted ?
In that case something like twistedapp (please do not take that name as 
the ultimate recommendation) would make more sense.

As well I would saws that the organization should be like

So the protocol is obvious from the module name and it is easy to add 
more application of the same protocol without any name clash.
At that point it is clear that nevow is a web application, even if the 
name itself does not give the information away.


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