[Twisted-web] Apache and Twisted

Richard Livsey richard at livsey.org
Fri Apr 16 17:38:18 MDT 2004

Hope this hasn't been discussed recently - I googled and searched the 
archives but I'm tired so I will blame that...

Is there any documentation/advice on how to run Twisted apps 
behind/alongside Apache?

My situation is as follows:

All our servers run Apache on port 80, I have root access etc so that's 
no problem.

A new project I'm looking at starting soon will hopefully be based 
around Twisted/Nevow and I want to run it on our servers.

How do I configure Apache so that it passes everything (or certain 
things, could have apache still server static html/images/js/css etc..) 
onto the twisted app which I assume will be listening on a port other 
than 80.

Any other advice on ways to set this up before I start messing about and 
breaking our dev box tomorrow?


Thanks in advance.

Incutio Web Developer

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