[Twisted-web] Splitting twisted-web from core twisted.

Thomas Mangin thomas.mangin at exa-networks.co.uk
Thu Apr 15 11:17:14 MDT 2004

Christopher Armstrong wrote:

> Thomas Mangin wrote:
>> A large part of what makes twisted attractive is the ease of
>> implementation of services with it. Removing woven/nevow from twisted
>> does not look like a good idea to me. It would mean that creating web
>> services around twisted will become harder, which is something
>> twisted is really good at.
> These will still be Twisted "official" projects. They will still be 
> coherent. The reason we're doing this is to make maintaining and 
> releasing easier. Twisted is just too huge and has too many parts of 
> differing stability to make it practical to keep it together.
> Well, it's pretty much already decided to do this. But hopefully I'll 
> be able to explain why this isn't a bad thing.

You did thank you.

> Heh heh -- LDAP support isn't in Twisted proper (Ldaptor is a third 
> party package). You still cite it as coherent with the framework! This 
> is proof that your worrying about coherency isn't justified.

Could not have provided you with a better argument if I had been looking 
for one ;-)

> Twisted is currently very hard to maintain, for us. For *you*, the 
> only change is that you'll have to 'apt-get install twisted-web' as 
> well as 'apt-get install twisted'. :-)
> [...]
> Anyway, I think you're overreacting; the coherency of the quality and 
> integration of Twisted projects is not going to be lessened by this 
> breakup (we're breaking out a lot more than twisted-web: conch, flow, 
> lore, protocols, they're all being split up).

Sorry if I looked that way ;-) I am not.
I just did not realised what you were really wanting to do, I should 
folllow the list more closely but time is missing me.


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