[Twisted-web] choosing between nodes

Ellers andrew at ellerton.net
Sat Apr 10 16:27:20 MDT 2004

Hi all,

I'm learning nevow by building yet a simple view-edit-save kind of app. Its going ok and is a good learning experience.

I've refactored so that I can specify all the layout in separate html files, with as little coded html as possible.

I'm stuck because I want the code to choose between displaying html fragments from the template that either display the page, edit it or save it.

The relevant html fragment looks like this - and I know its really wrong :) -

		<div id="content">

		<span nevow:data="display" nevow:render="xml"/>

		<span nevow:data="edit" nevow:render="xml">
		<form>this is edit: more will go in here...</form>

		<span nevow:data="save" nevow:render="xml/>
		<p>you have saved: <span nevow:data="saved_data" nevow:render="xml/>


What is the right way to tell Nevow to use one node and not another?

Thanks again!


am I right that Nevow stands for NEw Version Of Woven ?

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