[Twisted-web] Using compiled C Library with Twisted?

Jiannan Fu twisted-web@twistedmatrix.com
Thu Apr 1 14:45:28 MST 2004

hi there,
i got the following problem: I have a set of compiled C files, providing 
a API for a special encryption / decrytion of messages to be exchanged 
over the internet, well documented and with a lot of programming 
examples of how to work with it and its functions (in this case the 
examples are all in C). Now i want to use it with twisted together, to 
have all the advantages of twisted (especially the reactor instead of 
threading, deferred and so on), but the C API to do the last step before 
messages are send out.

The C API should just play some kind of middleware between the tcp-ip 
protokoll and the twisted server. Is it possible to extending twisted 
with that library by "just import" them?

Any kind of advice / suggestions would help


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