[Twisted-Python] GitHub Twisted organization/repo

Adi Roiban adi at roiban.ro
Tue Mar 26 07:24:32 EDT 2013


Are there any plans with the Twisted repo from GitHub?


Looks like it was not updated in a while.

Garret Heaton is already doing a 15min mirroring of master/trunk


Both repos have a couple of forks and it would be nice if all forks
are from the same repo.

I prefer and use GitHub code browsing since it is much faster than
Twisted's official Trac code browsing.


I now see that Tom Prince has already created git branches on GitHub
for the ticket he is reviewing. Many thanks!

I have already started creating git branches on GitHub for all my
patched for Twisted. I found it much pleasant to send a "live patch"
URL rather than a static attached diff file.

Ex live diff:

Append .diff to the url and you have a patch file:

As a non-commiter for SVN this makes my life much more easier.
Manually creating diff and attaching them to a slow Trac can cause a
bit of frustration... but I always find to hard to follow a SVN branch
that was created for at ticket and manually apply diffs on local

I find it very hard to work in parallel on more than 4 tickets and
tracking diffs outside of SVN/GIT is not fun.

I understand that moving from SVN to GIT is not easy and if core
developers can create and share SVN branches there is no big

For me, as a non-commiter, contributing to Twisted is not fun.

Sorry for bothering you with my frustrations. I hope that you find the
feedback useful, otherwise feel free to ignore it :)

Adi Roiban

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