[Twisted-Python] logging in twisted based projects

Sergey Gerasimov sergun at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 06:05:53 EDT 2013

I'm implementing some project based on twisted.


I would like to use some logging mechanism in my modules and see both
twisted generated log records and log records from my modules

and be able to filter log records by level and  source (generated by
twisted, or subset of my modules).


What should I do in this case?

Log with python logging module in my code and send log records generated by
twisted to PythonLoggingObserver? 

Or should I avoid using of python logging module and log only with twisted
logging module? I didn't find features like filtering logs in twisted


Am I right that twisted based log observer uses blocking i/o? Example:

observer = log.FileLogObserver(sys.stdout) # sys.stdio.write used in



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