[Twisted-Python] Twisted-related talks and tutorials at PyCon

Itamar Turner-Trauring itamar at futurefoundries.com
Mon Jan 28 09:56:57 EST 2013


Thought I'd point out some Twisted-related talks at PyCon; I may have
missed a few.


Jessica "jesstess" McKellar is teaching two tutorials, one of which teaches
the basics of contributing to open source projects, in case you've wanted
to contribute to Twisted but haven't yet figured out the process:

I will be teaching a tutorial on test-driven development with Twisted,
explaining how to build robust, well-tested applications:

Jessica McKellar will be giving a talk on "How the Internet Works", which
will be including some demonstrations using Twisted:

Ashwini "ashfall" Oruganti, one of our Google Summer of Code interns, will
be talking about endpoints, Deferreds and more:

Glyph Lefkowitz will be rudely-yet-jokingly insulting Javascript
programmers in his talk on event-driven programming:

Armin Rigo will be talking about Software Transactional Memory and removing
the GIL from PyPy (we will hopefully have a multi-core reactor soon after
this becomes usable): https://us.pycon.org/2013/schedule/presentation/37/

Allen "dash" Short will be talking about Parsley, his parsing library:

Laurens "lvh" Van Houtven will be teaching Crypto 101:

Brad Kuhn, of the Software Freedom Conservancy (Twisted's non-profit
sponsor), will be talking about funding open source projects, using among
others Twisted as an example:

Jessica McKellar will be giving one of the keynote addresses, though it
probably has nothing to do with Twisted. (The posters list isn't up yet,
but I'm betting Jessica will also have a poster.)
I believe that as with every year we will be having a development sprint
after the main conference, and a birds-of-feather session at some point.

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