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> >>
> >>I have been working on a kernel module to allow me to get the packets
> >>out
> >>of kernel land and into user space ATM. Not sure how twisted.pair does
> >>that. I will go and google but the ultimate goal is to have a complete
> >>network stack in python. So any information would be greatly
> >>appreciated.
> >>If I can get some good traction I might bring it to the next
> >>hack-a-thon
> >>just learning ATM but I have purpose in mind.
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>Just looked at the documentation. it looks like it using libpcap and
> >>tun
> >interface. No real hooks into ethX type devices.
> How is that different from what you want?  Are you looking to get
> ethernet frames instead of IP datagrams?  You can do that with tun
> devices too (perhaps they're called "tap" devices when used in that
> context, though there's basically no difference in how they are set up
> and used).
> Jean-Paul
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Don't want to use tap type of devices. Want to be able to handle packets
natively from the interface with minimal amount of overhead. Basically want
my own rx_handler to python call back. Yes I want the raw ethernet frames.
Looking at an embedded solution so its a case of less is more.
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