[Twisted-Python] GSoC Project Idea

Indradhanush Gupta indradhanush.gupta at gmail.com
Thu Apr 25 23:09:56 EDT 2013


I want to help improve Twisted's support for Mobile Communications. Based
on a chat with exarkun on irc a couple of days back, he suggested : 'write
some drop-in software for installation on raspi so that you can scatter a
handful of them over a square km or so and have a network with no
additional configuration'

I would like to build on that. He also suggested that writing a routing
protocol would be long enough for a GSoC project, given the time
limitations. So, what could be initial starting point of such an idea? I
mean in terms of the routing protocol, I guess its going to be one for a
MANET, and thus I am thinking of implementing one of the Reactive routing
protocols, probably either DSDV or OLSR. Could someone shed light on how to
frame this project?

Indradhanush Gupta
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