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> Tom,
> which OS are you running on your EC2 instance? Amazon Linux?
> Which reactor are you running your Twisted test with? Epoll?
> Are you running on CPython or PyPy?
> Can we see you Twisted hello world test app?
> Tobias
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> Hi all
> I recently wrote a hello world HTTP app in Twisted, Cyclone, node, Go and
> Scala on the Play framework, and used a combination of ab and gattling to
> see how fast each was on an m1.small instance on Amazon EC2. I also tested
> it on bare metal (my laptop:)) but I'll get to that later.
> The code I used for twisted was the web server code sample from the front
> page of twistedmatrix.com with the numberRequests increment dropped and a
> simple "Hello World!" returned instead.
> For cyclone I used the sample code from the cyclone docs with the same
> string being returned.
> Node was the sample from their front page.
> Play and Go I've never worked with before so those were copy pastes from
> various examples on their pages but again same URI and return string as the
> other frameworks.
> From one m1.small to another, Go, Play and node were handling about 1.5k
> requests per second while Twisted and Cyclone were only handling 400-500
> requests per second.
> On loopback from the same m1.small I suspect I was starting to load test
> the load testers more than the apps but locally all the frameworks were
> performing similarly.
> Load testing from another machine to my laptop I was seeing far better
> performance from Twisted and Cyclone, both doing closer to 2k requests per
> second. The other frameworks were only a little quicker but again, there's
> a chance the machine running the load tests was the bottle neck.
> These tests were very unscientifically done but I still wasn't expecting
> to see such a big difference between specifically node and Twisted.  500
> req/sec is plenty quick for 90% of what I do and of course I know there's
> so much more to an application than returning hello world but I was
> wondering if I was missing some trick to speed Twisted up to get close to
> the others on EC2.
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   I suggest trying pypy. python actually is quite slow with lots of
function calls. I did have a benchmark for cyclone & pypy. it is almost 3
times faster. twisted can work with pypy well so you definitely should give
it a try.


gelin yan
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