[Twisted-Python] Improved StandardIO support in Windows

John Popplewell johnnypops at gmail.com
Fri Apr 19 02:21:22 EDT 2013

Hi all,

I've recently put together a series of patches and new files that expand
upon and improve the work done in Ticket #2157

I've got working cftp.py and conch.py scripts and imap4client.py also
works. The console support works on a Windows-7 buildbot and acts like a
normal console with a flashing cursor and working scroll-back (no
editing yet, but back-space works).

I missed exarkun's message until after I'd uploaded the patches there :(

As I got familiar with the code-base again (I was using some of this
stuff on windows over 5 years ago), I looked at lots of tests that could
be enabled now, and have a set of other patches for more tests (I got
up to 6999 :)

Not sure how to proceed so I'm doing as exarkun suggested, and posting

best regards,
John Popplewell
PS I married a beautiful American woman last year and now reside in
Northern Michigan - looking for work, thought I'd try and do something

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