[Twisted-Python] Summer of Code Interest

Max Haarhaus max.haarhaus at gmail.com
Thu Apr 11 13:55:33 EDT 2013

Hi, I sent this message to your GSoC mailing list, but I'm not sure if
that's active yet or anything, so I figured I should send it here too.

My name is Max Haarhaus, and I'm a student at Stony Brook University in New
York. I'm interesting in working on Twisted for the Google Summer of Code.
I have experience in Python, including some web development using Google
App Engine, and I have taken classes in computer networks, so I have some
knowledge of internet tools and protocols.

I'd be interested in either of the projects currently listed on your page,
but it does say that there may be more ideas, and I'm open to anything.

Thanks for your time,

Max Haarhaus
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