[Twisted-Python] Release questions

Thomas Hervé therve at free.fr
Wed Apr 3 12:14:36 EDT 2013

Hey everyone,

During the latest release process, I was left with several things to
clarify, so now that it's done I think it's time:

 * We started building wheels for Windows. What do we do with me, should
we upload it to pypi? What happens when users try them?

 * Glyph mumbled something about sha sums of the release files, instead
of md5. Should we pursue that? We may need to update some trac
integration code.

 * There are several issues with SVN and the release branch. First the
Quotes file conflicts almost all the time. But this time we also
reverted a branch from trunk during the release, and then merged it
again, which created all sorts of troubles. Maybe we (I) just need to
write some documentation about it. But if anyone has an idea on how to
improve our tools, they are welcome.



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