[Twisted-Python] Consensus on how to handle "MySQL server has gone away"

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Wed Oct 3 07:56:27 EDT 2012

> On 10/03/2012 04:28 AM, Phil Mayers wrote:
> > I think the behaviour it should be aiming for is clear:
> > 1. Test each connection with "good_sql" before beginning the user
> > interaction/query
> The problem is that this adds latency; this can add up to quite a slowdown if
> your database server is on a remote server and you're doing lots of single
> queries (as opposed to runInteraction).

Yeah, running good_sql before every user query is bad.

Probably an option to run "good_sql" on an idle connection every n secs for fast detection of connection loss would be handy ..

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