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On 1 October 2012 16:52, Itamar Turner-Trauring
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> On Mon, Oct 1, 2012 at 5:38 AM, Paul Wiseman <poalman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I made an api for the web requests- the call isn't so straightforward,
>> all the information is sent in POST formatted a certain way and there's
>> also a credentials part with a token and other bits with secrets used to
>> auth the request. So for instance I call the list dir method in the api and
>> get back a Response type object based on the web response. Is there still
>> way I can defer the returning of that web call, or would I need to tear the
>> api apart to use twisted deferred objects internally? or is this something
>> Agent could deal with?
> Agent could certainly deal with this; alternatively, if you're using a
> blocking API you could use deferToThread (make sure the function you call
> that way doesn't touch any global state or call any Twisted APIs.)
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This is twisting my brain slightly.

what if I have more than 1 blocking call to make in the list dir call?

One area that is especially confusing for me is where I have those blocking
webcalls in a recursive method.

Because the api needs a folder's unique id to return a folder list, if for
instance someone requests a file/folder 10 levels deep, the list dir will
need to walk up the path until it finds a cached node that it has an id
for, and then walk back down the path listing the folders using the api.

I read about chained deferreds and I think that might be the way to go but
I'm not sure how I'd chain them together as 1 webcall needs the id from its
parent folder they all need to be executed in a chain, but return down the
recursive method stack

Are there any examples of how I could make a recursive function with
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