[Twisted-Python] Making ConnectionPool not pool

Hynek Schlawack hs at ox.cx
Tue Nov 27 04:16:35 EST 2012


I have a really bad time with the combination of a low-volume service  and adbapi.ConnectionPool, pyodbc, FreeTDS and Sybase.

Basically my connections just time out and fail in weird, generic ways like:

Error: ('01000', '[01000] [FreeTDS][SQL Server]Unexpected EOF from the server (20017) (SQLEndTran)')

(but in many others too, there is no real pattern)

In my desperation, I’m employing for-loops for the SQL queries now. :(

Since there isn’t much traffic (yet) I would like to just make ConnectionPool close the connections and re-open fresh ones, as soon as they are necessary.

Is there some straight-forward way to do that? Or any better approach I’ve overlooked?


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