[Twisted-Python] Twisted/PyPy rocks!

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Sun Mar 4 05:54:13 EST 2012

> Unfortunately, pyOpenSSL does not work on current PyPy.  There are just a few
> simple APIs missing from PyPy's cpyext feature that pyOpenSSL depends on, but
> they're blockers.

[Sorry if this is slightly OT for this list ..]

Could you eloborate a bit whats needed? 

Also, the 


talks about 

" pyOpenSSL is mostly compatible with PyPy. A few features are unsupported, such as sending data using memoryview objects."

Is that the stuff you are mentioning? 

So pyOpenSSL actually works .. modulo memoryviews? Anything else?

Is there a PyPy ticket tracking this?

I only found




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