[Twisted-Python] twisted/python3/ubuntu 12.10

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Fri Jun 15 10:23:15 EDT 2012

On Jun 14, 2012, at 02:27 PM, Wolfgang Rohdewald wrote:

>it seems that Ubuntu 12.10 will only preinstall Python3, no Python2.7.
>So programs using twisted (including my own) will not come preinstalled.
>how is progress going with twisted and Python3?

Just to be clear, the mandate for Python 3 is just for the standard desktop
image.  We won't ship Python 2 on that image, but this does not affect server
or any other flavor.  It doesn't change what /usr/bin/python points to or the
status of Python 2 in the archives.  It *does* mean that right after a fresh
install from the desktop image, you won't have /usr/bin/python, but you will
have /usr/bin/python3, and you'll likely get Python 2 pretty soon after you
install anything not on the image.

We're having some internal discussions about how Canonical and Ubuntu can help
with the porting effort, but as is usual these things take time.  I've been
hoping to get in touch with Vladimir on IRC to discuss things further, but
just haven't connected yet.

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