[Twisted-Python] i want to update 1000 devices running as servers

Luka Rahne luka.rahne at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 03:01:42 EDT 2012

I have like 1000 devices that need update that takes like 1 minute each. I
want them to update as quick as possible, sending lines from sx file, using
UDP and for each line i got reponse "OK".

Here is code that works for up to 500 servers, but not so well when i go
more (it just does not finish)

my current  simplified client and server_emulator code is here:

currently i have only one server for simulation, but in real world it will
be 1000 different IP-s.

I was trying to stop and run reactor but did not work (reactor is not
rerunnable exception or somthing like that).
 I want to run lets say 100 updates at time and once some update
is finished i want to remove this protocol out of job and schedule new one.

Can somebody give some pointers?

I am running this on windows if that is an issue.
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