[Twisted-Python] deferred graph?

Dan Stromberg drsalists at gmail.com
Mon Jul 16 19:09:14 EDT 2012

On Mon, Jul 16, 2012 at 9:54 PM, Andrew Bennetts <andrew at bemusement.org>wrote:

> Dan Stromberg wrote:
> […]
> > Can anyone think of other ways of getting to the bottom of this?  Perhaps
> > some field in a deferred or deferredList I can introspect to get better
> > specifics?
> >
> > Is monkey patching an identifier of some sort into each deferred
> > reasonable?  The intent would be to make it easier to match up the
> > lingering DeferredLists with the place they're created.
> That's the sort of thing that calling
> twisted.internet.defer.setDebugging(True)
> is meant to help with.  If you turn that on, you can probably introspect
> the
> stuff it creates and use that in your debugging tool.  (That's a bit ugly,
> but
> probably not significantly worse than introspecting other private
> attributes
> Deferred.)

I'm playing with twisted.internet.defer.setDebugging now.

Is there a corresponding function that can be used to produce its report?
If I use it in a program with an infinite loop, it seems like I never get
the report, but if I use it in a program with a finite length, I eventually
get a useful-looking report.
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