[Twisted-Python] Twisted Sprint at PyCon 2012

Laurens Van Houtven _ at lvh.cc
Wed Jan 25 11:17:21 EST 2012

I can do it :)
On Jan 25, 2012 3:11 PM, <exarkun at twistedmatrix.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> The past few years have seen the Twisted sprint at PyCon grow to a very
> impressive size.  With expectations that this will be the largest PyCon
> yet, I have no reason to expect that the trend will be reversed this
> year.
> I have "run" the sprint for the past two years, though in practice there
> are not many duties associated with that post.  This year, I need to
> hand off that responsibility to someone else, as I will only be
> attending the sprints for the first day.
> "Running" a PyCon sprint involves interfacing with the PyCon organizers
> to get a room assignment.  Beyond that, all that's really necessary is
> to keep your eyes open for things that might be impeding the work of
> sprinters (yourself included, as these duties should not take up more
> than about 2% of your time).
> If you're interested in taking this on, please let me know.  Let me know
> which days you'll be attending the sprints (preferably you'll be
> attending all days, but missing the last day or two might not disqualify
> you).
> Thanks!
> Jean-Paul
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