[Twisted-Python] [Twisted-Jabber] [ANNOUNCE] Wokkel 0.7.0

Ralph Meijer ralphm at ik.nu
Mon Jan 23 18:25:46 EST 2012


I am proud to announce version 0.7.0 of Wokkel, a set of enhancements on 
the Jabber/XMPP support in Twisted Words.


The highlights:

  * Protocol support for Publish-Subscribe subscription options,
    subscription identifiers and node configuration options.

  * Enhancements to Data Forms support for easier creation of forms to be
    submitted, and (type) verification of forms that are received.

  * A twistd plugin for running a basic XMPP server which accepts
    server-side components connections and provides server-to-server
    (dialback) connectivity.

  * Support for the Delayed Delivery data format.

  * Client-side support for Multi-User Chat, including a simple example.

Besides those new features, various bugs have been resolved and test 
coverage has been significantly improved. This release drops support for 
Twisted versions before 10.0.0. See the complete news file at:


With this release out of the way, my focus for this year will be on 
moving things from Wokkel to Words.

Jabber on!


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