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On Jan 19, 2012, at 1:07 PM, Yaroslav Fedevych wrote:

> I, for one, second the question.
> What I'm currently missing is even the basic information on what, more 
> exactly, Twisted Words is and what it is not. Recently, I heard some 
> potential customer talking about a universal messaging gateway (multiple 
> protocols (including email), throttling, in some cases — per-message 
> charging, messaging storage). I was wondering if t.words is something 
> which is exactly right to use for projects like that and what facilities 
> it provides to help me.

There is no authoritative statement about what twisted.words is not because twisted.words is incomplete.  You can definitely use it for servers, and many people do.

> Currently I see it is mostly client-oriented. I can only see an IRC 
> protocol (server-side), I however don't see what interfaces I need to 
> implement for a working pluggable messaging server. Maybe I'm looking at 
> wrong places or misunderstand the purpose of t.words altogether.

All of the facilities for parsing the client side of an XMPP connection also work for the server side.  And twisted.words does currently have some facilities for dealing with servers, such as 'twistd xmpp-router'.

You may be interested in several extensions to twisted.words.  Wokkel, especially, is hopefully going to be included in twisted.words itself at some point: <http://wokkel.ik.nu/>.  Idavoll provides publish/subscribe functionality on top of wokkel and twisted.words: <http://idavoll.ik.nu/>.  Palaver provides a multi-user chat component: <https://github.com/twonds/palaver> - however, most of the links to the original sites for Palaver appear to be dead now, so I gather that project has stopped development.

Ultimately, what you have to keep in mind is that twisted.words, like all of Twisted, is an open source project and not a commercial product.  If you would like it to do more than it does, please contribute code to help it grow into a full-featured XMPP solution.

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