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Tue Feb 21 09:16:54 EST 2012

On 11:05 am, p.mayers at imperial.ac.uk wrote:
>On 20/02/12 20:32, Glyph wrote:
>>Well, it depends on how you define a "bug".  LoopingCall's internal
>>state remains consistent, but if you set your clock backwards,
>>LoopingCall won't fire your callback again until the system clock
>>catches up to where it previously was.  Any new LoopingCalls that are
>>created will work fine, although they will probably report an
>>incorrect skipCount if you set the clock forward again.
>Ah. This doesn't jump out from the original ticket text; the way I read
>the text, it implies the LoopingCall stops being *scheduled* if the
>clock goes backwards.
>If I'm understanding it correctly, the problem is actually that the
>callLater for the next run doesn't fire when expected, because it's
>scheduled in the "pre-change" timeframe (now the future). As opposed to
>being anything in the LoopingCall code?
>I realise this is tricky to solve, but I'll note it's not impossible 
>really REALLY big clock skews to happen. For example: recently we had a
>server kernel panic and need a cold reboot. The machine booted and read
>it's time from the CMOS clock, which was way WAY out. A minute or two
>after the machine had booted, NTP slewed the clock back by months...
>Fortunately this box doesn't run any Twisted code that a) starts on 
>and b) makes use of LoopingCall.

I've fixed this problem before by ensuring ntp gets to run before other 
time-sensitive services get to start.

>[I know this is horrible, but a lot of Unix distros don't sync system 
>hardware clock periodically - usually on shutdown only - and a lot of
>distros don't block boot until NTP has set the clock]
>I realise it's an edge case; but at the very least, it is probably 
>updating the LoopingCall/IReactorTime.callLater documentation to make
>this behaviour clear, because I certainly didn't appreciate this could
>occur. It's pretty obvious in hindsight, though.
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