[Twisted-Python] pushing out same message on 100k TCPs

Tobias Oberstein tobias.oberstein at tavendo.de
Sat Feb 11 07:05:29 EST 2012

> For what it's worth, real IP multicast is quite commonly used for distributing
> short messages to many clients in realtime in some closed networks, such as
> financial trading systems. With good network equipment that can handle low-
> or zero-loss timely delivery, it does work very well.

Emphasis on "good network equipment";) Yes, stuff that a) even supports IP
Multicast and b) as very low loss rate ..

If possible, I'd like to avoid IP Multicast .. just a gut feeling (have no experience
with that in practice) .. and apart from that, we currently just don't have IP Multicast
aware switches deployed ;(

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