[Twisted-Python] Using telnet or linereceiver protocol over ssh

Fabian Sturm f at rtfs.org
Sun Dec 30 08:09:31 EST 2012


I implemented a twisted ssh server using SSHFactory and successfully
registered the sftp factory.

I now also wanted to add a simple telnet like protocol where I can send
commands to the server and execute some actions based on that.
For that I hooked the LineReceive to the openShell command. It works and
I can ssh into the server, but I don't get the typed characters echoed
back. This unfortunately makes it unusable.

What I could do is to implement a standard Protocol and send the
received data back whenever I get a dataReceived call. And for a DEL
character I would have to send a BCKSPC, BLANK, BACKSPC sequence and
track the current line myself. This works but it sounds like too much to

Is there a better way for something like that?


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